Norsel RFID-System - Hardware

  • Automatic reading of RFID Tags from the distance up to several meters
  • Several ID Tags are available for multiple purposes.
  • Reading Devices have a Network Interface (TCP/IP) and Serial Interface (RS232)
  • 32 Bytes Data capacity on RFID Tag
  • Data can be password protected
  • Data can be erased and re-written
  • Data can be locked (no re-writing possible)
  • Data can be killed (RFID Tag is no longer usable)
  • Each RFID Tag has a unique ID
  • Multiple Tags are read at the same time (Bulk Reading)
  • 3D-Scanning: Up to 3 Reading Devices can be combined to improve reading (useful, when Tags are not arranged in the same direction)


ITMA 2023
June 08-14, 2023
Milan, ITALY