Label materials

  • Polyester woven hotcut / Polyester woven coated / Polyester non woven hot melt
  • Polyester woven hotmelt / Polyester woven hot melt long line folded
  • Polyester woven hot melt, pre punched labels on backing paper with tractor feed perforations
  • Polyester non woven hot melt, pre punched labels with tractor feed perforations
  • Nortex woven hot melt / Nortex non woven hot melt
  • Nortex paper hot melt / Label protection film / Plastic thin hot melt
  • Plastic thinned hot melt / Plastic medium hotmelt / Plastic thick hot melt
  • Ink ribbon cartridge for Norsel dot matrix printer/ink film rolls for thermo transfer printer with cutter

ITMA 2023
June 08-14, 2023
Milan, ITALY